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times, i get a new house. >> if you think it's going to attract a bear pull it inside. that's what's making news in >> straight ahead, you might want to think about leaving home a little bit earlier than usual this morning. today has been dubbed terrible traffic tuesday. >> first we're going to start with storm watch. it is a tense week fornologist northwest d.c.. they are worried that more rain will lead to more flooding like they saw on sunday. >> it is september 4. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm cynne simpson. let's get to adam caskey for more on the forecast. >> we had some areas of rain mainly while we were sleeping. we had a band of heavy rain move through a good chunk of our
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viewing area. for the most part we're dry. dry at least for now. 76 now in the district. 70 in win chest. 72 in -- winchester. 72? cumberland. a rogue midday shower could pop up. the bulk of the action should be later on today. as of now, it looks like the heaviest rain will be to the north of washington a downpour coulded pop up along the belt the hottest at 92. what's the latest traffic? >> we have a problem. a tree came down on beach drive blocking it both ways right now. if you normally take beach drive, that is going to be problematic for you.
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right now, tree down in the road way with all of that rain we had in the last couple of days and that is going to close again. beach drive. we'll head over to the belt way right now. looks pretty good. here we are on belt way connecticut avenue. looking good. wet pavement all around the area this morning. you know how it is on those ramps and curves. it gets pretty slippery. take it easy. springfield, that looks pretty good now. everybody is back. the h.o.v. lanes back in operation as usual today. starting off well. now back to you in the news room. >> all right. it will probably pick up later today as the summer is now over for more students around the region. public schools all reopen today. >> that is part of the reason the tuesday after labor day is
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called the terrible traffic tuesday. d.c. area commuters will go from a 24.4 minute traffic delay to 25.8 minutes. overall traffic is set to be up 26% in september. that's compared with july and august. some folks we spoke with are ready for a break from their kids so they are ready for the extra traffic. >> right now my commute has been pretty easy. it will get a little bit worse. the tradeoff is worth it. >> coming up at 6:00 a.m., we'll talking with superintendent jack dale. this is his final year with the school system. he is retiring next june. >> this evening, the democratic national convention officially kicks off in charlts. tonight's speakers include maryland governor martin oshes mally. first lady michelle obama will be the final speaker of the
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evening. >> this is it. this is the floor where most of the action will take place over the next couple of days. the president has done this before but that doesn't mean this is just a formality. this is a chance to recapture some of that 2008 magic that has waned a bit after a difficult four years. >> fired up and ready to go. >> that old familiar chant is back and courtesy of voters still caught up in obamamania. few other priorities matter. for hurricane damage back in new orleans, secondary to the mission here. >> i left a tree on top of my he or she because i did not want to not come. >> but even his supporters admit it will be a challenge. >> i'm hoping he will we energize the country and get across the message that we do need him. >> i think that is why he is behind because people are tired of the discord.
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>> the burden hardly all obama's. you saw the first lady survey the stage. the president monday claimed this convention will be forward-looking as opposed to tampa, he says. >> you might as well have watched it on black and white tv with some rabbit ears on there. >> north carolina wasn't all obama territory, though, as paul ryan dropped in with his own message. >> if you don't have a record to run on then you paint your opponent as someone people should run from. ladies and gentlemen, that is exactly what barack obama is doing today. >> of course it is a much tinier venue than we are going to be thursday night when the president gives his big speech. down the street from where the carolina panthers play.
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>> and stay with abc 7. your election station for complete coverage of the democratic national convention this week. we'll really is reportses from charlotte all week during our newscast and online at >> the theft of a u-haul rental truck carrying equipment for joe biden's labor day visit. it was found monday the a parking lot about three miles away. the secret service said the truck did not have any weapons onboard but declined to say whether anything was stolen. wrp told the theft did not -- we were told the theft did not affect his stop. those vying for his seat include
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rob krupika a democrat. republican tim mcthis ghee and justin malkin. polls are open from 6:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.. >> the scandal surrounding vincent gray. thomas gore could find out when he will be sentenced. he pled guilty in may for trying to cover up payment. turning now business news. more older americans making up the u.s. workforce. >> also a preview of what wall street is closely watching this week. let's take a listen of linda bell of bloomberg. >> stock index futures now are indicating a higher open as you mentioned. wall street heading back to work today. today we are expecting reports in manufacturing as well as u.s.
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auto sales and of course the democratic convention officially kicks off so we'll see what president obama has to say as he lays out his plans for job creation. on top of that, we have the labor department that releases its key august jobs report. million s of workers have dropped out of the labor market. "the l.a. times" says nearly one in five americans aged 65 and older are still hard at work or looking for jobs. that is the highest in nearly half a century. older workers are putting off retirement partly due to the housing downturn and many americans are staying in school longer or staying on the sidelines until the economy improves. burger king is rolling out a new menu for the fall and companies gave over $20 million to the d.n.c. costs. linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thanks so much. 4:38 is the time. 73 degrees. >> some georgetown resident
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departments outraged over a new move to improve safety. what a local citizens group is
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thousands of people are still in shelters and thousands more without power. some low-lying communities are still under several feet of water this morning. >> here at home, the threat of more pounding rain has people fearing the worst. people spent labor day sandbagging and cleaning up the mess left by sunday's storms. the storm dropped several inches of rains flooding cars and basements for the fourth time this summer. >> last night was the worst we've woo had since i've lived here and i've lived here since 2005. >> some people blame the flooding on the drainage system. the city plans to build a new sewage tunnel by 2025. they want the city to set up a relief fund to help people affected by the floods. >> it is 4:42 now time for a check on weather. >> we're still loogs at a very
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unsettled weather pattern. the left overs of isaac. thunderstorms later today and on into tomorrow. take a look at some of the rainfall totals. this is just since midnight. main lynn frederick county with the -- mainly in frederick county. hamilton loudoun county half an inch. 74 now in arlington. back to school in chantilly. 71 in fairfax. an isolated downpour or two. it is going to be sticky. a few spotty showers. a slightly better chance of seeing a few widespread downpours. >> here we are at the 14th street bridge.
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moving pretty well. in different parts of the area some wet pavement. if it looks dry where you are, it could change. this is the first day after the summer basically. looking good. i-395 up from springfield to the 14th street bridge. down near exit with some flashing light on the shoulder. we'll take a look and see what that is in the minute. right now, just a brief delay at the exit on 109. we have a problem in northwest washington. a tree came down in the road way on beach drive closing it both ways. nobody is getting by now because of the tree downed. it happened within the last hour. watch out for police direction. avoid it completely, use 16th street, military road or connecticut avenue.
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that's an early look at traffic. back to you in the studio. >> thanks. it is 4:44 now. >> coming up, a driver who is fed up with the tolles on the delulls way. dulles way. getting out her frustrations through a song. her congress ♪ ♪ [ female announcer
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] almost nothing can dampen a baby's mood when he wakes up dry in pampers. unlike other diapers, pampers has 3 absorbent layers, for up to 12 hours of protection overnight, and more beautiful mornings. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] pampers. peaceful nights. playful days. >> a local citizens group is installing surveillance cameras in georgetown in an effort to lower crime there. they hope to have 10 up by the end of the year. they are being funded by private donations. they would be placed on private property. some residents approve the move but others are against it. >> i would assume that the bad
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guys would see there is cameras up and they are probably going to look for another location. >> i don't feel like walking around knowing that somebody is watching me, observing me. >> despite concerns about privacy, they say the video can be accessed only after a crime has been committed and a police report has been filed. >> a virginia singer and songwriter has released a tune asking to roll back the tolls. >> it is called "highway robbery." >> ♪ highway robbery >> it didn't take long for these words to roll off angela petry's tongue. >> ♪ it's highway robbery ♪ >> she spoke with me about her protest song and why she thinks the dulles greenway is cheating us out of cash. >> it is really unfair that
4:50 am
there is this major road that cuts right through the center of the county through the countrysidened that the local people have so much trouble and expense using it. >> it costs drives 34 cents per mile. it is that price tag the congressman that repts the 109 strict is also fighting. his frustration became the inspiration for petry's song. >> we just started messing warned the words and the song -- around with the words and the song sprang out of that. >> ♪ drive every day but we cry at night because the price of the toll is out of sight ♪ >> the dulles greenway is the only privately owned toll road in the quelt. tolls are regulated by the state corporation commission.
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the virginia department of transportation has no legal ability to set or control the tolls on the greenway. but that won't stop this lady from at least trying to roll back the tolls herself. >> ♪ it's highway robbery ♪ >> abc 7 contacted the company that owns the greenway based in australia. its spokeswoman declined official comment. it is 4:51. 72 degrees. >> coming up next a movie that earned the title worst opening of all team. >> prince harry makes his first public appearance since that photo scandal. [ female announcer
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>> 4:54 in the belfort furniture weather center. back to school. back to work. back to the grind today. humid conditions as well. it is going to be warm and muggy today. we have the leftovers of what was once hurricane isaac. 76 now in washington. 72 frederick and martinsburg. mid to upper 80's for highs with a few stray showers and lunchtime and scattered showers
4:55 am
and a few isolated downpours possible. even while we're sleeping. tomorrow partly sunny. a couple of sunny breaks out there. muggy, warm, near 90. >> we'll start with a look at 270 again. we had some flashing lights there, the exit for 109. that looks like it was cleared up pretty quickly. it is moving pretty well so far sfer. as you can see, it is starting to build pretty quickly as you enter montgomery county from frederick county. we remind everybody that beach drive is closed both ways because of a tree that came down blocking the roadway. if you don't head down that way in the morning, it is not going to work for you in the northern stretch. you may enter rock creek park
4:56 am
south, joyce road. over the springfield, not too bad now. the volume looking like the normal day. that's what we're back to for better or worse. back to you in the studio. >> thanks so much. hollywood mourning the loss of actor michael clarke duncan. >> the 54-year-old died monday morning. he had been in the hospital since july after suffering a heart attack. he was a former bodyguard and he appeared in the film "green mile". he leaves behind his fiancee orerosa. >> prince harry attended monday's award ceremony. he did not make any references to the photos. earlier in the day, a 6-year-old boy who was supposed to be
4:57 am
presented with an award, he salede said he was going to say he was glad the plains had his clothes on. he was probably instructed by somebody otherwise. >> just a few hours away now from finding out who'll be kelly ripa's new co-host. there has been buzz for weeks that it will be michael strahan. you'll be able to see her host debut this morning at 9:00 here on abc 7. >> christopher lloyd and toni braxton will not be bragging about their parts in this new movie. the children's movie had the worst opening week of all time for a film playing more than 2,000 theaters. it took more than $448,000 total. that breaks down to a theater average of $207.
4:58 am
just about 30 people seeing the movie at each theater. >> ok. it is 4:58 now on this tuesday morning. >> you mean it wasn't on your radar? >> no. >> still ahead tiger woods didn't win his latest competition but he can still laugh all the way to
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